AUGUST, 2020

Taking a 2 week social media break has had an astounding impact on my life & business. It’s opened my eyes to the feelings and motivations I have using Facebook, Instagram, etc. Here’s what living without those little squares for a fortnight is like during my social media detox…

Most people won’t admit how much social media means to them…

For me, social media has been my life for over 7 years. I’ve built my businesses using Facebook, Twitter and other platforms to gain attention, build community and generate revenue. I’ve still been using them for business, but I stepped away from my account and the negativity it was bringing.

For years, I have been reading something online nearly every hour of every single day, it was time for a break. I was losing control of my feed and battling with Instagram’s algorithm for strangers to judge my life. I’d started to become cynical, it was having a negative impact on my mental health, I needed to put a stop to it. So, I decided to put a stop to it and for 16 days, I quit social media and implemented an online detox.

It was annoyingly difficult to break my daily routine to begin with.

Before my social media break, I’d wake up and immediately reach for my phone. Instead, I woke up and went straight to making coffee downstairs. Normally, I’d stand in the kitchen and carry on scrolling, more recently through TikTok. Watching beautiful, creative influencers sharing incredible content and wishing I had the body, time & patience to do the same. Instead, I listened to a podcast whilst I had my coffee. Then I’d take the dogs for a walk before sitting down to work from my home office. If you’re looking for ways to increase your productivity working from home, but don’t fancy a full social media break, have a read of  this post

taking a social media break

The difficult part, was that my business runs a Social Media Management service via CB Digital Design. My job is to manage client’s social media feeds, create them engaging content and communicate with their followers. All things I was trying not to do on my own account. I could see my Instagram messages racking up, and strangely this put me off opening my profile. Before, it would have made my day to see a brand wanting to collaborate. Check out this interesting post on Brand Ambassador Scams that are going round online, not all collaborations are worth saying YES to.

For the last 2 weeks, I’ve felt a feeling of relief and freedom plus my iPhone battery has lasted double as long!! 


Do you want to know my biggest problem with social media these days, in particular Instagram? I may not create content, or work with brands everyone loves, but I do my best not to spam or be pushy. My homepages are becoming full of people who do spam, brag and are desperate to get their messages in front of us. I’ve stuck to my word about only sharing gifted items or brands that I would spend my own pennies on and personally recommend to friends/family.

I’m not quitting, I don’t like to feel defeated in anything I do, but I am going to take control of my use of social media. Before Instagram, I never felt someone I had no interest in was invading my personal space. We all care what people think of us. We all want to feel accepted, with a follower count and likes. In a digital world, we need a break from having our lives judged and commented on constantly.

   It’s not all negative…

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve met SO many new friends on these platforms. I regularly meet and chat with lots of inspirational people that I wouldn’t have come across if it wasn’t for Instagram. Positive connections are healthy, but I’m learning to remove the negative individuals.

Fancy taking a social media break? I promise you, it frees up time and mental space you didn’t know you’d lost. Doing a social media detox puts you back in control of how you use these platforms. I feel refreshed and I hope this post encourages you to do the same if you’re feeling too caught up in the online world. 

“Social Media has allowed people to push their agendas and put their messages in front of us, with barely any way to avoid it”

If you’re ever feeling defeated, whether it’s emotionally or online, please know that I am ALWAYS available to talk to. Your mental health is far more important than your Instagram following and I feel so much better for realising that. 

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