MY DAILY ROUTINE: finding that work-life balance whilst working from home

My typical day as an entrepreneur of 2 businesses, a full-time cook for a greedy boyfriend, dog mummy of 2 and a part-time blogger!

I’ve had lots of messages on my Instagram asking me to share with you my typical weekday daily routine. Maybe you’re also wondering how to structure your day? Maybe you’ve recently had to start working from home due to COVID-19?

For some (me being one of them), working from home seems like the dream. But for others, it can be a nightmare!

So what does my day look like?

0530 – alarm goes off. I debate whether to get up, but I decide I should probably make some coffee and get ready for the day. For those that know me well, I LOVE COFFEE!

0630-0830 – social media & blog content. That’s for my blog (you found it, well done!), The Gin Kitchen & Engage Exhibitions. I don’t have the luxury of a Marketing Manager, so it’s down to me to maintain. During this lock down period, your consistent marketing is more important than ever!

I work most effectively in the mornings so I always try and plan ahead. I use Hootsuite & Later for scheduled posts across various platforms. There’s lots out there but I’ve found these 2 work best for me. I use these fab daily & weekly planners from Collins Debden as there’s nothing I love seeing more than how much I have accomplished at the end of the day.

Collins Debden Daily & Weekly Planners kindly [gifted]!

0830 – make breakfast. James will come in from work for 10-15 minutes so I try sit and eat with him. I’ve perfected the poached eggs, finally! One of us will then feed the dogs.

0900 – tidy time. Quick hoover of the house, wash up, tidy up, light my scented candle and get dinner’s meat out the freezer if needed. I feel far more productive working from home when the house looks and smells lovely.

0930 – time to tidy myself! It’s so tempting to stay in my PJ’s all day but motivation levels have been scientifically proven to be higher when you look and feel good. So, I always put on an outfit that I would happily go out and be seen in, maybe minimal make-up and away I go.

1000-1300 – work, work, work. I put some background music on and get down to business (I’m probably on my 3rd coffee by now!). I respond to any emails, pick up the phone to prospect clients and check in on my teams. This should take place in a designated ‘work area’ within your house.

My home office!

1330 – lunch. James comes back for lunch most days. I’ve tried to get organised and either make extra dinner the night before or have some homemade soup in the fridge to reheat. Neither of us want to be sat around for long, so something quick and easy but healthy(ish) too.

1400 – power hour. To save me falling into an unproductive afternoon rut, I either run some errands (living in the countryside means getting in my car for these), put some clothes in the washing machine or do an hour of DIY to get my brain working again.

1500-1800 – back to work.

1800 – dog walk. We always aim for an hour, usually the dogs are filthy from swimming in the canal or Duke has emptied the woods of ‘fetch’ sticks by then!

Dog walking in the countryside! Photo by Martha Lily Photography.

1900 – prep dinner. I’ve been using Hello Fresh for over 6 months now and I absolutely LOVE making a different meal each day. All the produce is fresh, British meat and the recipes are super tasty.
Should I share some of my favourite recipes on my blog for you? Let me know in the comments below.

1930-2030 – final hour of social. Engagement and check in. This is usually when I scroll through my feeds and catch up on the day. I will check in with family and friends before putting my phone on charge, away from me. The next couple of hours are for whoever you’re living with, partner, family, children, pets.

2100-2300(ish) – arguing over the TV choice. I won’t go into detail but it appears James doesn’t like Love Island, I’m A Celeb or Made In Chelsea and would rather watch some American Murder Investigation Documentary?! Should I be worried?

Monday – Friday, repeat daily.

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