May’s Small Rural Business Shout Out:



MAY, 2020


Welcome back if you’re returning, I hope you loved reading about April’s Rural Business Shout Out. If this is your first time then a warm hello!

So, this month we’re back, trying to spread more positivity and supporting more of the brands we love. I’ve been working with another 9 businesses, from all over the UK to provide you with some budget-friendly Spring/Summer 2020 ideas. You’ll find discount codes, style guides and interior inspo in this months collection!

So, in no particular order…


What I love about this product…This beautiful cast solid silver snaffle bit is attached to some “double reins” in the form of a sterling silver double chain. This snaffle necklace is part of HiHo’s equestrian range for all you horse lovers out there! It goes perfectly with my snaffle ring & bangle. It looks stunning worn either against the skin or on top of a thin roll neck jumper . Why not pair with the silver snaffle clip bracelet or the leather snaffle bracelet? This necklace is also available with the centre of the snaffle in rose gold plated silver which makes a stunning contrast to the silver chain.
How much? £80.00

Denton’s Footwear – ALTHORP (SIGARO) 

What I love about this product… I don’t usually promote men’s footwear, but I came across this beautiful Northamptonshire-based brand and I wanted to share it with you. You may have seen the video I shared on my Instagram story a while back of the process their shoes go through being handmade, it was fascinating. They have a variety 7 shoes online at the moment. I bought a pair of the Blakesley for my dad at Christmas and he LOVES them! The quality you receive for the price is incredible, I recommend these a lot. Hint: Father’s Day is fast approaching!
How much? £150.00


Is it just me, or does anyone else LOVE coming across brands that are local to you? I only moved to Nottinghamshire 3 months ago, but I got a little over excited when I found out Waring Brooke were only based 10 minutes up the road from me! After getting to know one another over Instagram, I can’t wait to visit Samantha at her HQ (I think there will be an obligatory G&T) whilst she shows me her set up. There’s something about seeing how your items are made that I love, Samantha is such a hard-working young lady who hand stitches all of her items love and care.
How much? 


So you’ve probably seen or heard of this incredible gin that arrives in a giant cartridge box, so cool! If you love a dry, yet tasty G&T then this is one for you. I served it with 50ml Game Bird Gin, Fever-Tree Indian Tonic, plenty of ice & garnished with orange and a sprig of rosemary. The perfectly refreshing British summer G&T! This beautiful spirit also features in my Father’s Day Gift Guide.
How much? 

Sporting Hares – VARIOUS

This award winning British countryside brand is home to the famous Beauchamp Blazer, seen multiple times on trot ups and most days on my Instagram feed, it’s up there on my wishlist! All of their items are really classy looking, from clothes to accessories. Everyone, girls & boys needs a pair of Sporting Socks in their wardrobe, I wear mine all the time for all occasions! Also featuring the Distressed Fenston Sunglasses & the Belton Key Ring. This has been a brand I have followed for a while, found through some of their lovely brand ambassadors showcasing products that complement the quintessential country lifestyle.
How much? CHLOE10 at checkout will get you 10% off!


As featured in Tatler magazine, Claire should be so proud of her award winning Overnight Recovery Cream! There’s nothing I love more than spending time outdoors, but I always seem to get dry skin all year round. I’ve tried all the high street moisturises, and nothing seemed to work for me (I also have sensitive skin) until I found this lovely rich nighttime moisturiser. It hasn’t got an overpowering scent which I actually prefer, but it’s ingredients include blackcurrant seed oil and marshmallow root extract!

How much? £15.00-£70.00 depending on size



I immediately fell in love with Hicks & Brown’s summer collection! I already own a few of their fedoras, which are the ideal accessory all year round but these cream, paper straw hats are a lighter weight version of the felt fedora’s. No matter what your outfit, these seem to go perfectly. They have an adjustable inner band for a great fit, meaning even when it’s a little breezy, you’re not worrying about it flying off! If you know me well, you know I LOVE adding a feather of some sort to anything possible. The beautiful colouring’s in the natural feathers really give the band a lovely finishing touch.

How  much? £65.00

Salthouse EnglandCORAL CLUTCH BAG

WARNING: you will want every colour clutch bag when you visit this website, they’re all too beautiful to only pick one! I have a couple of these bags, super soft on the outside and a lovely tassel for extra detail. Fancy personalising your back? If so, they offer a FREE gorgeous embellishing option for that added detail. Coral seems to be one of my go-to colours for Summer 2020, so this accessory fits in my collection perfectly and will definitely have lots of use this year! If you haven’t already, go check out their Adira Cross Body Bag which has just recently launched, it’s GORGEOUS and is top of my wishlist!

How much? £45.00


The Working Generation is a new Ballarie Designs range loosely based on working tractors from the ‘older’ generation. It was also brought to Jess’ attention that farmers haven’t entirely been getting the recognition they deserve during Covid-19. For many of them it’s business as usual, heads are down and nothing can stop them tending to their livestock/crop. So here’s to the farmers, this one’s for you.

How much? £13.25 for the set (if you’re a key worker then get in touch with the brand for a discount code!)

I hope you love the pieces I’ve selected and as always, your feedback is always appreciated so please leave me a comment with your favourite item and I will enter all comments into a giveaway draw! Make sure you come back for June’s business shout out post next month, it’s a good’en!


Disclaimer: Please note, the items featured in this post have been gifted to me, but all the information has been written by me. All thoughts and opinions are my own. No links are affiliate links and no discount codes are commission-based. I have blogged about these products as I am genuinely passionate about them and I know you’ll love them too.