JUNE, 2020


Most of you know me as a country girl, fashion lover, dog mum or young entrepreneur who moved from Cheshire to Nottinghamshire just before lockdown. I’ve noticed I have some new readers recently, so I figured I’d introduce myself and give you some fun facts about me.

I like reading random and especially unusual facts about people, but I’m always worried I’m not interesting enough to compile a list. Forget that fear today, here we go…

1 | I’m an only child! No, that doesn’t mean I’m a spoilt brat either. In fact, I’ve been the independent woman I am since I was 18. I LOVE my parents too pieces, mum is my best friend but after going to University, I’ve never moved back. I’ve always worked my arse off and I intend to continue so I can spoil them when they’re older. 

2 | I’ve built an orphanage in Kenya, to care for children who have been abandoned on the streets of Malindi. It’s now home for 70+ children out there that I continue to support. I have visited every other year since 2012 and I classify it as my 2nd home! The dream is to build a school on site for them all too, so they can have the best future possible. 

3 | I’ve run 2 marathons; London in 2014 to raise money for the RSPCC & Manchester in 2017. After bursting the shock absorber in my knee, I gave up running!

4 | I set up my first business (The Gin Kitchen) 2 weeks before my dissertation was due in at Manchester University (I wouldn’t recommend, it’s stressful!). I now run the business in partnership with my mum which is great fun.

5 | One of my proudest moments was when Richard Branson invited me to drink Pimm’s with him in London in September 2017. This was after I’d just finished a Charity photoshoot with him and he gave me some life guidance on becoming a successful businesswoman!

6 | Since meeting James, I’m now obsessed with country music. Before meeting, I used to listen to R&B!! We actually met when I watched him swallow a goldfish (alive) that his friend’s ‘dared’ him to for £100! Not sure what I saw in him at the time but I’ve never been happier…

7 | My favourite meals are either charcuterie boards or tapas. I just LOVE picky food (usually with a few glasses of wine).

8 | I graduated with a Business & Events Management degree back in 2017, clearly I was never destined to become an ‘equestrian nurse’ like I hoped when I was a kid.

9 | I suffer with a severe case of arachnophobia (fear of spiders), not even those lanky farmhouse spiders are OK and they all seem to be targeting my house recently. As you can probably tell, I’m very dramatic about them! This horrid thing visited me in Kenya!

10 | I became a home owner of a gorgeous Cheshire barn conversion at the age of 23, and no mummy and daddy did not fund it so I was very proud. I’d always set myself a goal of buying a house before I was 25. It’s now rented out and I’m on the hunt for my 2nd! 

11 | I lost my dog best friend Murphy 2 years ago (June 2018). The brother this only child never had and the best 11th Birthday present a girl could wish for! My heart was so broken and living on my own without a dog didn’t feel right, so along came Duke (Dukus Graham when he’s been naughty)! 

12 | Lastly, 2019 was a strange year, I was getting sick of being treated like s**t in my full-time job. So, I saved up really hard for 6 months, went on a 4-week trip of a lifetime to Dubai, South Africa & finished up in Kenya. I travelled business class, because why not… I’d never done it before and I really was on a mad one. The day after I landed back in the UK, I handed my notice in and started planning my latest business venture (Engage Exhibitions). 

“never settle for a job you’re not happy in. life is too short, take the risks.”

I hope that helps you get to know me better, I actually enjoyed writing that far more than I imagined! 

I’d love to hear a random fact about you in the comments below…

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